Thom-Katt Trailer Pump TK 50 (unit 1)

More Horsepower for Shotcrete Work, Ideal For a Wide Variety of Concrete Placing

The Putzmeister Thom-Katt TK 50 Trailer-Mounted Concrete/Shotcrete Pump gives more horse power for shotcrete work, and is ideal for a wide variety of concrete placing job sand for pumping structural concrete. It features an angled hopper that’ s easier to fill and clean. The TK 50 can pump a variety of materials at up to 54 yd³/hr (41m³/hr) handle the harshest mixes, and tackle a variety of civil applications.

The Thom-Katt hydraulic S-Valve is ideal for pumping larger-aggregate materials. It lets you reverse the stroke to relieve pressure from plugs or when pumping difficult low-slump or fiber mixes. The material cylinders and variable, smooth hydraulics allow precise control at low output for specialized applications. You can maintain substantial output pressure when reducing to smaller-diameter conveying lines.

TK50 Specifications

Putzmeister TK 50
Putzmeister TK 50 #1 - pile file 2